Diamond Selector Tester II







  • Can be used on any shape, tapered, melled, round, rough, etc. and any size of stone from 0.02 carat and up
  • Dual indicator, a sound signal and a level meter light display featuring segments in two colour range. A diamond indicator (a green light) will illuminate if the stone is a diamond
  • Metal alert that gives a long loud, low tone buzzer/beep warns you the probe comes into contact with metal
  • Provides adjustable sensitivity that can be varied according to the size of the stone and the ambient temperature
  • Comes with handy design and amazingly compact and with low battery consumption
  • Powered by 1 DC 9V battery, totally portable and reliably independent
  • 7 second warm-up time with a 150 second shut off alarm
  • If stone is a simulant such as cubic zirconium (CZ), nothing happens (except with synthetic moissanite)
  • Large/small switch for testing diamonds over and under 8 points

Accessories included:

  • DC 9V battery
  • Leather Pouch Case
  • Heavy Duty Metal Testing Platform


  • Model: DTESTERII
  • Shipping Weight: 0.25Kgs