Hexagonal Loupe Triplet 20X 20.5MM Lens Black








Hexagonal Triplet Loupe 20X 20.5MM Lens - Black Finish with Grip

This 20x magnification "Hexagonal Loupe" features a 20.50 mm triplet glass lens, a perfect choice for viewing diamonds and other rough and cut gemstones. Another advantage is its Achromatic & Aplanatic optical glass magnifier for better viewing results.  Its full metal body made from Aluminium and Brass make a very well constructed loupe of the very finest quality.

Its triplet lens system corrects spherical and chromatic aberrations to eliminate colour degradation and puts every part of the field of view in sharp focus.

This innovative 20x triplet jewellers’ loupe is ideal for inspecting diamonds, gemstones, watches, and many more applications

  • Metal construction, Aluminium lens housing with solid Brass outer cover finished in black
  • Top quality 20x 20.50mm Glass Optic Lens
  • Aplanatic - Corrected for spherical aberrations, for larger field of view from side to side
  • Achromatic - Corrected for colour distortions, for true colour viewing
  • Triplet Lens - Three separate lenses bonded together, vastly superior to doublets and single lens magnification
  • Powerful precision glass lens brings fine micro-detail into view
  • Made with the finest quality optics and with top quality metal cases
  • Comes a stylish gift box and leather storage case


  • Black Finish
  • Achromatic & Aplanatic Loupe
  • Magnification Power: 20x
  • Diameter of lens: 20.50mm, optic glass
  • Foldaway Hexagonal Design


  • Model: 205mm20x
  • Shipping Weight: 0.2Kgs